The Year That Was – Part One

As another year draws to a close we're resurrecting our 'The Year That Was' blog segment to allow us to cast a nostalgic eye over the previous twelve months. If you are struggling to view this blog, we have both audio and brail versions available that have been provided for us by a very reliable [...]

The (Barclaycard) Mercury Prize 2013 – Blake, Disclosure and Hopkins

We seem to do a lot of 'run downs' here at OnTheBeat. Obviously this is due to a near unquenchable desire to keep people updated on what's going on in the music world and not because we know we can get more legs out of separating things into different, more specific blogs. Honest. Anyway, these [...]

Houdini Dax Live at Sŵn

We're still refusing to let go of Sŵn here at OnTheBeat and so to maintain the vivid nature of you Sŵn-based dreams here is James Ayles and his thoughts on the Houdini Dax gig from Saturday.  Amongst a host of innovations such as the excellent Sŵn Radio and a redesigned mobile app designed to make [...]

SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Wednesday’s Band

Band of the Day - Nadine Shah Here we are staring at the penultimate Sŵn Band of the Day with the festival Sŵn to start (can you believe that's the first time we've used that pun?). Be assured there will be no tears or sentiment as we prepare to stop building Sŵn up and start preparing to enjoy it, however today's [...]

Album Review: Haim – Days Are Gone

If there is one band in the musical ether that stand for pure, unadulterated sisterhood it is the LA rockers Haim. The sibling trio Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have received much praise and critical acclaim as a result of their initial breakthrough into the industry with singles Forever, Don’t Save Me, Falling and The [...]

SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Friday’s Band

Band of the Day - Hejira The days until Sŵn are slipping away quicker and quicker, but don't worry there's still time to check the our little list a few more times. Behind the door of today's Band of the Day advent calendar is the cracking Hejira. Alternatively if, like pretty much every person who [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Friday’s Band

Band of the Day - Little Arrow People say that when you start to write your opinion down and other people start to read it you develop a tendency to get a bit full of yourself, as if your opinion counts for more than other people's. Other people believe this. Me, I don't, I know [...]

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Anyone remember Kings of Leon? Anybody hate the use of rhetorical questions at the start of articles? Anybody enjoy shoehorning in unnecessary sentences just to quench an eternal desire to adhere to the rule of three? Back on topic, Kings of Leon are back and new writer Jade Attwood is going to tell you all [...]

MGMT – Self Titled.

Ever since gracing our ears with the spectacular Oracular Spectacular in 2007, from which two  singles in particular took the world by storm captivating indie-kids and pop-lovers alike, MGMT have been a household name. Perhaps slightly unfairly two singles from Oracular Spectacular took presidency over the rest of the album, which was as stunning and successful an [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Wednesday’s Band.

Band of the Day - Childhood: We're looking to bring you a Monday, Wednesday and Friday edition of Band of the Day, though fluctuation, as has been proved by Tuesday's opener, is probable: we're just that Rock 'n' Roll, emphasis on the 'n.' Wednesday this week we bring Childhood flooding to your ears and unless [...]