The (Barclaycard) Mercury Prize 2013 – Bowie, Bugg and Savages

Round two of the quick-fire Mercury should-it-win quiz is here, get your critical caps on and prepare to discern like you've never discerned before. If you've not got a previous discerning record to beat then browse until you're fully satisfied with the synonym that suits you best. David Bowie - The Next Day This year's [...]

The (Barclaycard) Mercury Prize 2013 – Foals, Villagers and Arctic Monkeys.

The Mercury Prize is just around the corner, stick your neck out and you might even catch a glimpse of it in the distance. This of course means a few things: journalists will question the relevance of the prize; artists will question the relevance of the prize and the lay-folk will question the relevance of [...]