Keeping Time EP – Jack Barnett

Got a thirst for some locally produced indie-folk? Of course you do. Not from Cardiff? Well just pretend you are, it's more fun that way. University, the perfect place to combine and mix talents, for like-minded musicians to thrive and creativity to develop. Scanning across the indie musical spectrum we find that some of the [...]

Introducing recreate Daft Punk’s “Discovery” – Live review

Growing up in Liverpool means that throughout my formative years I have endured many Mathew Street Festivals as though they were some form of scouse right of passage. From "Blurasis" (a unique blend of both Blur and Oasis, how's that for pushing the boat out?), to "Letz Zep", to the sensitively named "Amy Housewine" there aren't many artists whose biggest hits [...]

Every Particle – Scriber EP Launch

Way back in January we reviewed the debut single from indie/folk artist Scriber's upcoming EP and we absolutely loved it. Well, fast-forward two months and the completed work, entitled "Every Particle" has finally been released. Scriber invited us down to Undertone to enjoy the official EP launch, featuring Summer Ghost and two members of Three [...]