Alternative Freshers: the Escape from Oceania.

Freshers week is rolling back around now and by my third swing at it I'm aware that doing it wrong can leave you in more of a mess than Di Niro by the end of Raging Bull. I've no plan to preach responsible drinking to you, though I personally plan to act the perfect gentleman, [...]


This week On The Beat headed out to Buffalo Bar for the upcoming EP launch of local band Littlease. The four-piece Cardiff University band took to the stage to showcase their sound which ranges from the currently popular upbeat Indie to the richer sounds of popular rock. Early songs of the set provided a feel [...]

Venue Reviews

With Christmas behind us, now comes the onslaught of nights out. Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, it's relentless. So if you're heading in to Cardiff and are craving a night out or looking for some live music then we have some suggestions of where to go and what to expect when you [...]