SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Monday’s Band

Band of the Day - Greta Isaac The sharper among the reading group here may have noticed the emboldened title floating above the intros that reads Band of the Day (those who haven't noticed - crane your neck approximately 1mm upwards). It is time to be honest, it's not really a Band of the Day [...]

SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Friday’s Band

Band of the Day - Hejira The days until Sŵn are slipping away quicker and quicker, but don't worry there's still time to check the our little list a few more times. Behind the door of today's Band of the Day advent calendar is the cracking Hejira. Alternatively if, like pretty much every person who [...]

SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Wednesday’s Band

Band of the Day - Annie Eve The time is almost upon us, there's just over a week left until Sŵn Festival 2013 begins and you have the chance to go and discover all this new music we've been talking about for the past month or so. Monday brought us the fantastic Sen Segur and today [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Wednesday’s Band

Band of the Day – Summer Ghost Now that summer is officially dead in the water it's only a matter of months before Christmas is upon us, which means that we are drawing ever nearer to the time of year when it's perfectly acceptable for me to watch The Muppets' Christmas Carol. Now, just as [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Monday’s Band

Band of the Day - Lanterns on the Lake The first thing that drew me to Lanterns on the Lake when I first stumbled upon them, shortly after the release of their debut album, was the beautiful mysticism of their name. Before a chord had even been struck they had already inspired imagery in my [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Friday’s Band

Band of the Day - Little Arrow People say that when you start to write your opinion down and other people start to read it you develop a tendency to get a bit full of yourself, as if your opinion counts for more than other people's. Other people believe this. Me, I don't, I know [...]

SŴN FESTIVAL 2013: Wednesday’s Band

Band of the Day – The Echo and The Always  Today’s band of the week is a homegrown Cardiff five piece surely destined for greatness. I know what you’re thinking, these sensationalist bloggers are always gushing about every new band like they’re the best thing since facesofphiljones.tumblr.com… but bear with me because this bunch are definitely worth your [...]

Sŵn Festival 2013: Friday’s Band.

Band of the Day – Beta Blocker and The Body Clock: It's Friday, this week's Corrie omnibus is only a day away, the team behind Mrs. Browns Boys are prepped to plunge further into the apparently bottomless pit of low-brow comedy, Michael McIntyre will probably be on telly somewhere, you can have a twitter spring [...]