Feature: What role does music play at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Royal Mile, stretching through the centre of Edinburgh, is a remarkable location at any time of year. Every August, as the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival rolls into town, it takes on a life of its own. Performers, artists, promoters and tourists flood the streets in their thousands as they urgently seek their next destination. Accompanying the chaos [...]

A 500 Word History of: Charles Bukowski

"I pulled out the paper and unrolled it. It was a tiny stiff piece of paper. I unrolled and read it: 'GOD HAS FORSAKEN YOU.' I rolled the paper back up and stuck it into its cubicle in the brown box."

The Year That Was – Part Three

The year of the selfie; the year of the paedo and the year of the suspicious meaty filling. Post-modernists appear to have been proved pretty much entirely right in 2013. Maybe the world should have cut its losses at the end of its last cycle and taken the easy way out paved for it by [...]

The Year That Was – Part Two

2013, the year Kate and William validated our very existence as a species by popping out a right royal sprog. The year Robin Thicke proved that it's definitely possible to make people's skin crawl through YouTube. The year pop stars decided that a song under four minutes and a video that wasn’t considered a ‘short [...]