Edinburgh Fringe Festival Review: Camille O’Sullivan Sings Cave At Pleasance One

Irish firebrand Camille O’Sullivan brought her inimitable Nick Cave tribute act to the cavernous Pleasance One at Pleasance Courtyard for Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

O’Sullivan has forged a fine career as a musician, vocalist and actress, and this marriage with the works of the moody and introspective Cave is fascinating to watch.

There is no doubting her incredible pedigree as a performer as she aptly demonstrates with a spine-tinging rendition of ‘God Is In The House’ to open the show, from the off conducting the tempo of her four-piece band with a flick of the wrist and a point of the finger.

O’Sullivan has a naturally instinctive grasp of both the light and dark of Cave and brings an intoxicating stage presence, seething with charisma and energy as she takes the complex characters of Cave’s songs and deconstructs them on stage.

There is a wildness to her performance, lashing out at equipment on stage, tossing off her jacket and shoes within minutes of arriving.

Her love of Cave is obvious and unrestrained, recounting how it began when an Australian friend handed her a mixtape of his work while at University.

This might be a Cave tribute act, but it perhaps could have done with more Camille, an artist almost unmatched in her charm and charisma on stage. Those were the true highlights of this show, when she let us into her world and why why these tracks? What do they mean to her and how does she interpret them?

She lives and breathes each track, but is not afraid to make them her own and scales the heights and plumbs the light and dark of his work with an intimacy only an obsessive could muster.

It’s a wild and raucous and energetic hour, but it could have been so much more.

WHERE: Pleasance One at Pleasance Courtyard
WHEN: Aug 8-11, 13-18, 20-35

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