Edinburgh Fringe Festival Review: Ray Badran at The Pleasance – Cellar

After stealing the spotlight at the Pleasance Newcomer Gala on the first Saturday, there was a natural clamour to see UK-based Australian comedian Ray Badran deliver a full-length set.

Ingenious and entirely relatable, the most difficult thing to grasp about Badran’s set is why it is was delivered to just 30-odd people in the tiny Cellar in The Pleasance Courtyard.

He touched briefly on being dropped by his agency, turning it into a neat gag on Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps, but there were sustained glimpses of comic ability that should pack out venues three or four times the size.

A little shambolic at times, Badran’s gift is to deliver shamelessly egotistical sight gags with complete humility.

He works the crowd well despite barely interacting with them, taking little snippets which he then delivers on ten-fold with smart call-backs.

It’s a crowded market, but Badran’s got all the tools to deliver to a much wider market than he has at this Fringe. Much bigger stages await.

WHERE: The Pleasance Courtyard – Cellar

WHEN: 21:45, Aug 6-11, 13-25


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