Preview: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 – Bravery

Once more, the great and good of the arts world will descend on Edinburgh for the world-renowned Fringe Festival this August.

With around 4,000 shows and countless more performers descending upon the city between July 31 and August 26, OnTheBeat will do its best to highlight the standouts from this year’s selection.

For 2019, we are taking a slightly different tack and will be looking at the themes that grab us this year. With so much happening in the world, there is more material than ever for artists to tackle. To start, we look at ‘Bravery’.


Actions across the Atlantic over the past few months have once again brought women’s rights and abortion laws into the glaring spotlight.

That is but one of the themes tackled by cast and creatives Claire Rammelkamp, Carla Garratt, Larissa Pinkham and Danica Corns in the semi-autobiographical piece about 18-year-old Babygirl’s journey of sexual discovery and the realisation of all that comes with that.

WHERE: Pleasance Dome
WHEN: July 31-August 26


War has consistently provided the backdrop for thought-provoking art. Bob Baldwin and Max Kinnings’ new play, debut at the Fringe, will explore that through the lens of a single wireless operator on a single night of bombing during the war.

From there, they pull at the thread of that night and all the consequences that follow.

Baldwin takes inspiration from his father, Sergeant Joe Baldwin, a joiner by trade and a pacifist by instinct, who served as wireless pperator in 630 Lancaster Squadron based at East Kirkby.

A timely reminder that all war has personal tragedy at its heart.


WHERE: Pleasance Courtyard
WHEN: July 31, August 1-11, August 13-26



Bravery comes in many forms, particularly in the arts. The depiction and representation of bravery is important, but it also requires bravery of a different kind to take contentious and topical subject matter and deconstruct it on stage.

Ronnie Dorsey’s reimagined production of this blackly comic and brutal tale of retribution, resourcefulness and Rottweilers will strike a particularly pertinent note as society is forced to reevaluate its understanding and awareness of abuse in all forms.

WHERE: Bristo Square
WHEN: July 31-August 26



A little on-the-nose this, what with it being in the show title, but Sian Owen’s one-woman play showcases the best of Welsh theatre with a wonderful send-up to Newport, motherhood and working-class communities.

The play centres on Kate, a working class mother and daughter whose journey traverses every meaning of the word bravery and what it takes. Another hit from Dirty Protest theatre that continues its fine record with Welsh projects.

WHERE: Roundabout @ Summerhall
WHEN: Jul 31 Aug 2-5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-25


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