New Music: black midi – Talking Heads

Let’s be honest, black midi sound mental. Never have a band been so intent on finding a brilliant melody, then layering over it with guitar, effects and screeching, bonkers lyrics.

But somehow it works, twisted into an anarchic, post-punk soundtrack for the internet age that will wriggle into your ear and stay there for an indecently long amount of time.

Latest track ‘Talking Heads’ – out May 17 – continues their themes anfd even steps it up a gear in typical fashion.

At a time when there is an overwhelming amount of music out there that sometimes seems to be coming at you from all side, it can pay off being different and in this case it works for black midi.

I can promise you nothing else quite sounds like this in OnTheBeat’s overflowing inbox – and that’s not something we often say.

The quartet are formed of Geordie Greep (vocals/guitar), Cameron Picton (bass/vocals), Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin (guitar/vocals) and Morgan Simpson (drums), but don’t be fooled by the apparent normality of that set up.

They have also gone international recently with a successful run in New York City, and have a pretty formidable tour schedule coming up, covering everywhere from Brighton to Brussels between now and October 10.

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