New Music: Gallery Circus – 255

A lot of the words for this site are written in the late hours of the night, after a long work shift with a pretty clouded and confused mind trying to explain as concisely as possible why a particularly obscure band or artist is worth a longer listen.

Gallery Circus, rather wonderfully formed of north East twin brother duo Daniel and Graeme Ross, have a knack of blowing all the cobwebs and confusion away.

The pair have been performing as Gallery Circus for nigh-on a decade now, having first made a scene the other side of the Atlantic in Chicago.

They’ve got pedigree, having impressed at Glastonbury and earned a slew of admirers for their early work.

There’s still a lot of that rawness and intention in their new stuff, nine years later. 2014’s Supercell received critical acclaim, and with a bit more wisdom and world-weariness, the new release will likely gain similar attention.

Earnest and meandering rock music, 255 is a promising indicator ahead of their latest EP out at the end of this month, which was produced by Dan Austin, known for his work with Pixies, Doves and  Mallory Knox.

A hectic touring schedule has obviously born fruit and will hopefully lay down the foundations for the next phase for these two.


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