New Music: Only Sun – VICE

Having first appeared in 2015, after an EP and countless singles the years of plugging away seem to finally be paying off for High Wycombe five-piece Only Sun.

Every element of the band is pretty bonkers. The videos are madcap, the music unhinged and the live shows very loose. But it somehow all comes together pretty well.

Unsurprisingly the band have looked for any possible point of difference, and found their’s by releasing one song a month over the past year. Such an incessant schedule has clearly worked, as their 2019 has so far featured a number of sold-out shows and a well-received debut headline UK tour.

In typical fashion, latest video release ‘VICE’ starts with a jaunty riff and a razzed-up vocal, but it settles down into an undeniable banger.

The video itself, a little try-hard, is a clever twist on a pretty well-worn genre as it mimics a planning meeting for such a video.

I’m not sure any other band treads the line between gibberish and genius with such precision as these guys currently do. Songs that appear on the verge of toppling off the cliff of reason suddenly veer into a killer hook, while tracks such as Song For Leila suggest they can slow it down ever so slightly.

It may seem like five lads thrown together without much of a plan, but the swift progress shows there is something bigger behind this.

Ultimately this is fun music at a time when sometimes it seems music must be taken really seriously. Fortunately, Only Sun are here to prove otherwise.

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