New Music: Carlie Hanson – Numb

I don’t think pointing out that Carlie Hanson will be a huge star one day necessarily qualifies me as an oracle, but when someone so raw and exciting pops up, it’s always worth mentioning.

It also helps to have an incredibly cool backstory. Still just 18, the Wisconsin native has gone from shifts at McDonalds to opening for Troye Sivan in record time.

With tracks like ‘Numb’ it’s no surprise.

Spiky electro-pop with a twist, it’s a pretty fresh take on  a genre that was in danger of sliding into irrelevance.

Darker and definitely more mature than the earlier stuff, it’s another sign of her constant development as an artist, those brooding vocals showing just how versatile and layered that voice is.

Add the fact she’s got a co-writing credit for it suggest she’s well along the path to even better things.

Strip back the American gloss and big-time names that often attract more cynicism than anything, and there is a genuinely huge talent waiting to emerge.

Beyond that, the 60-million views she has accumulated already perhaps don’t qualify her for ‘hidden gem’ status, but you get the feeling that those numbers are potentially tiny to what she could be reaching in another decade.

When she’ll still only be 28, which makes me feel particularly old.

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