Interview: World-renowned musician Nobuaki Fukukawa talks ahead of concert at Wigmore Hall

Ahead of an exclusive performance at London’s Wigmore Hall on January 5, classical composer Nobuaki Fukukawa spoke to On The Beat about how he’s chosen to challenge himself and what we can expect from the concert.

Tell us about the Avex Recital Series and why you want to take part in it?

“The Avex Recital Series brings world class Japanese classical musicians and composers to London’s iconic Wigmore Hall and it is my honour to be part of it. Most of all, I am truly excited to be able to do a recital in the UK where I studied and have such fond memories.”

What makes the horn such a unique instrument?

“The horn is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most difficult instrument to play… Joking aside, it is a rare instrument to have such a tremendously varied timbre, which is the reason why it blends well with strings, woodwinds, brass, or any other instrument in an orchestra, but at the same time can still stand on its own. It only takes a beautiful piece of music to bring out the rich variety of sounds of the instrument.”

What is your favourite part of the programme?

“I have an affinity towards every piece in the programme having conceptually designed it with the composers whom I personally feel close to.”


What were your biggest challenges in putting the programme together?

“The biggest challenge about this programme is that the first half of the concert will be all unaccompanied. Due to the nature of the instrument, it is quite difficult to play it continuously, but I have decided to do so because I feel that there are aspects of my artistry that I can only show through unaccompanied pieces and also wanted to share with the audience these great compositions that may not be very well known.”

What are your plans for next year?

“I will be performing concertos with Japanese orchestras and will be producing my own solo and chamber recitals as well. I am also very much looking forward to performing some exciting orchestral repertoire that is being planned.”

Tickets for the performance at Wigmore Hall on January 5 can be purchased from the website.

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