New Music: Amy Lawton – Don’t Bring Louise

We’re a little late on this track as it has been available since the end of November, but it’s shows so much promise it’s worth mentioning on here.

‘Don’t bring Louise’ is the latest slice of glossy, perfectly-crafted country pop from singer-songwriter Amy Lawton.

At first, it’s easy to dismiss the jangly guitars and sugar-sweet voice as the latest YouTube star made big, but that’s ignoring the genuine talent contained within.

Don’t be fooled by the upbeat instrumentals and arrangements, as a lot of the lyrics drawn from a deeply personal place for the Manchester-born singer – in this instance dealing with that ex-partner and moving on from failed relationships.

The 21-year-old has been around for a year or two, having moved to London to earn that shot at the big time, but is finally starting put together a strong collection of original songs.

While her repertoire is growing steadily, she is still young and with her first UK-wide tour just completed, it feels like everything is just starting to fall in place for her. Anyone who manages to tick off venues like Ronnie Scott’s and The Bedford so early in career clearly has something going for them.

Yes, the style and the content may have been done many times before, but I’d argue few do them with the same quality and conviction as Amy Lawton.

And perhaps the best thing is that there is clearly more to come – more experiences to build on, more evolution in her style. Once that starts, the roots we are starting to see will most certainly come good.

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