New Music: Wormhole World sampler – A Picture Of Good Health

Brand new label Wormhole World have made a statement with the release of 14-track Sampler A Picture Of Good Health.

It is more vital than ever to have an outlet like Wormhole World, where artists have no boundaries or commercial limitations and can quite frankly produce whatever they want.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Wormhole – a passion project started by three friends – is the complete absence of commercial motivation, the idea being that one release simply self-funds the next and allowing organic growth for the benefit only of the artists and audience involved.

At this point in time, with the industry still in flux, it’s an incredibly brave move to set up a label, let alone a label whose mission is to house the weird and experimental with no artists on permanent contracts.

But the sampler itself is proof that, even in the digital age, labels fill a vital role and provide a crucial service to both producers and consumers.

And those featured on the sampler are far from risky longshots – there is genuine quality and pedigree laced through every track.

Equinox have featured on Gideon Coe’s 6 Music Recommends as recently as October, while Xqui has a prolific back catalogue and is esteemed enough to be appear on Radio 4.

On the sampler itself, there is some very exciting stuff.

True to their word, there is room for the eclectic and leftfield, but there’s still room for Brian Bordello’s acoustic musings on ‘Johnny Petrol’ in there.

New Orleans composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly follows up her August release ‘Music For The DMV’ with some more belting tracks. ‘Cake’ is a mind-bending exploration of strings and electronica that you’d struggle to hear anywhere else, while ‘Starchild’, a collaboration with Xqui, takes soundscaping to a new level entirely.

Xqui, delivers with the stunning ‘Epiphany’ whose incessant beat keeps you hooked, while Alan Morse Davies’ track ‘Fifth’ shows he remains as skillful as any artist out there in making electronic music.

Following this sampler Wormhole World now have a hectic release schedule planned, with several featured artists due to follow up with solo work.

That schedule looks pretty tantalising, with Carnivorous Plants first up in a week’s time and Harvest Valley, Xqui, Tremolo Ghosts and Chowmwng all due to follow with fresh material in the new year.

Keep up to date with Wormhole World on Twitter.

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