Radstewart – Fix the Roads Music Video.

Hey look, it’s Radstewart again! The Cardiff Uni lads are back with their music video for Fix the Roads. Song about political frustrations, a metaphor or more ironic indie song titling? Or all three maybe? I’m not going to tell you because then you wouldn’t have to watch it…

“They’ll never fix the roads because they know that the student’s don’t pay tax”

The band are due for a few big gig’s in the near future as they support both Welsh hero Sweet Baboo and Johnny Foreigner too.

The video itself, entitled “Jungle Beast” is apparently named after both Jungle Strike and Beast Wars, a combination that surely makes it impossible not to love.  As for the song, it feels like classic Radstewart, taking all of the elements that have made them so popular to this point and continuing them on wards here. Guitars so sharp that you would need a hefty health and safety report before adding the track to your iPod and lyrics dryer than a mouth after a week-long bender, it really is all you could want from a band such as Radstewart. Though don’t tell them, or they might become complacent.

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