Sweet Baboo Live at Sŵn.

Don’t let go of Sŵn just yet, we still have opinions to throw in your face… On a more humble note, we’d be awful grateful around here if you’d spare a few minutes to read James Ayles’ thoughts on Sweet Baboo’s set at the Moon Club for this years Sŵn Festival. Come on, we asked nicely.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a picture from the gig. No, its Stephen with a horse’s head. Godfather pun you say? Way too mainstream.

As evening fell on the third day of Sŵn and the party truly began to start, one artist in particular seemed to be determined to bring his own inimitable style to the party. North Walian native Sweet Baboo, a veteran and cult hero of the Welsh music scene over the last decade despite being short of his 30th birthday, has become an enduring treat to watch live. As he ambled slowly on to the stage in the dark recesses of Moon Club, it became clear that those present were about to witness one of the moments that have made Sŵn Festival such a rapid and unassailable success in its short life. With the crows spilling back out down the stairs and through the entrance, the show began in understated fashion; announcing that he had decided to perform alone without his backing band and brass section, Sweet Baboo launched into a flurry of new tracks and a few more recognisable tunes such ‘I’m a Dancer’ and ‘Let’ s Go Swimming Wild.’ That the latter is an ode to the University of Wales Online Library system marauding as a charming, uplifting love song truly encapsulates how stunning Sweet Baboo’s music and mind really are. Each song is interlaced with his trademark humour amidst the Johnny Flynn-esque instrumentation, with his honesty and open charm a heartwarming feature of his live shows that has remained a constant. Upon asking if the captive crowd wished to hear a song that sounds like Thin Lizzy, to which they agreed, he promptly announced it sounded nothing like them, before performing an undeniably brilliant, if totally un-Thin Lizzy track with trademark gusto. It is this sort of interaction and showmanship that has made Sweet Baboo such an underground success, and his versatility- the last time this reviewer saw him he was replete with 6 man band- is so astounding that each show brings something unexpected and unique, making you wish that he would continue performing, joking and japing for much longer than his 45 minute set allowed. As the swollen audience meandered towards the next big act, it is clear we were all hoping to hear much more of this artist very soon.

James Ayles

Miss Sweet Baboo at Sŵn? Don’t be down, he’s back again in the non-too-distant future playing Clwb Ifor Bach on Saturday the 14th of December.

To find out a little more about Sŵn Festival and the artists that played there this year (2013 – for any time travellers or late-comers who might be reading) get over to Sŵn’s homepage or you could locate the info via Twitter (@swnfestival) or Facebook – wow, what an age we live in.

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