Sŵn Festival 2013 – The Debrief: Thursday

It’s finally here, Sŵn Festival 2013 is in full swing and so far we are loving it. We’re gonna be trying to keep you up to date with what’s been going on, who we’ve been to see and anything else we think might interest you. So here it is, Sŵn Festival – Thursday, the debrief.

Kizzy Crawford

We started the night at O’Neill’s with a set from Kizzy Crawford. Somehow managing to sound very folky whilst sounding very funky, Kizzy worked her way through a set that was packed to the teeth with emotive guitar lines and passionate vocals. Kizzy’s voice is extremely powerful, at times it’ll catch you off guard and leave you totally stunned. However she also possesses a subtlety and a nuance to her voice that is reminiscent of old jazz singers. A great way to start the night, gently easing us in to a position where we were ready for what was in store.

Leaving just before the end of Kizzy’s set, we hotfooted it across town Greta Isaacto Gwdihw to see one of our Band of the Day selections Greta Isaac. As we expected, Greta was in fine form. Flanked by her two sisters providing vocal harmonies and an extra guitarist, her delicate, fragile music swirling throughout the room as the crowd looked on in hushed awe. Gwdihw really is the perfect venue for an artist like Greta Isaac, it’s cosiness and warmth provides an atmosphere in which the soft, gentle folk of Greta Isaac can find a suitable home.

A brisk walk in the rain later and we were inside “The Dragon Suite” at Angel Hotel. We’d planned to see Trwbador but sadly only caught the last two songs of their set. They sounded great though and we wish we could have seen more. While all this was going on, OnTheBeat favourites Radstewart were performing at Clwb Ifor Bach to a packed out venue. All reports maintain that they played an absolute blinder, a real testament to just how good this band are, how far they’ve come in a year and perhaps how far they’re going to go in the next.

Staying put at Angel Hotel, next on our agenda was Ghostpoet. The entire stage almost totally in darkness for him and his band, there was certainly an attempt to create an intense, brooding atmosphere. However, the mystique of such an act is somewhat ruined when you’ve just seen the guy at the helm wandering around the venue twenty minutes earlier like he was looking for something  to do. Still, Ghostpoet delivered a strong set; with everything drenched in reverb he powered through tracks from both of his albums. Each song yearning for the crowd to go absolutely nuts, sadly by the time their collective psyche had decided it was okay to have a dance the set was almost over.

We ended the night at Solus for the five-hour Mr. Scruff DJ set. The place was buzzing, from the time we arrived to the time we left the crowd ate up everything Mr. Scruff had to offer. The air was thick and the walls were moist, the universal signs of a great party. I can’t imagine there would have been a way to end the first night that would have been quite as fun. Friday, you’ve got a lot to live up to.

Get yourself over to Sŵn’s homepage to find a full line up and information on the festival, you could also check Sŵn out on Twitter (@swnfestival) or Facebook for more.

As always, thanks for reading On The Beat. If you enjoyed this article please share it on Facebook or Twitter or Myspace or Bebo or MSN Messenger. Whatever floats your boat. We’d also like to hear your thoughts, how was your Thursday at Swn? Who did you see? Who was the best? Any unexpected surprises? Let us know in the comment section below or via Facebook or Twitter.


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