Sŵn Festival 2013: Friday’s Band

Band of the Day – Temples

It’s been a joyful ride. One month and eight days. Seventeen Band of the Day blogs. Seventeen bands on the Sŵn Festival line up that really captured our imagination and tantalised us with their incredible music. The best thing about it is that we have barely scratched the surface. If you’ve been tuning in to Sŵn Radio this week you’ll have heard us on “The Load-In” bringing another Band of the Day every day and that’s still not even a noteworthy fraction of the amount of incredible acts performing at this year’s festival. It is with a heavy heart that I say, for the last time, today’s Band of the Day comes in the form of the fantastic Temples.

Name: Temples

Hails From: Kettering.

Members: James Bagshaw, Thomas Warmsley, Sam Toms and Adam Smith

Style: Psychedelic Rock. That’s the only way to describe Temples really. Rumbling bass lines and steady drums provide the undercurrent as heavenly guitars and vocals float melodiously and liberally throughout each track. However, despite the airy and loose nature of the songs, Temples never fall into the trap of becoming a simple dream pop-esque chasm of noise. Where a band like Peace might take a psychedelic peak of a track and run with it for a while, Temples don’t. There’s an urgency to each song that is somewhat refreshing; never losing sight of the ‘rock’ suffix of ‘Psychedelic Rock’. Psychedelic Rock is experiencing a bit of a modern rebirth at the minute, with a lot of bands looking back to the late 60s and 70s for inspiration. However the difference between a good band and a bad band is that a good band can take nostalgic, antiquated sounds and make them feel very relevant in the present day. Temples do just that.

Sounds Like: They sound like a lot of great bands from the 60s and 70s. In fact the photograph of them above is a member short of looking like an early Pink Floyd press shot. That sums them up really. There’s a lot of sounds here that you’ll recognise, that seem familiar like a name that you can’t put to a face. The psychedelia of the late 60s looms over everything there’s little thrills to be found throughout. I suppose if you want a comparison to another band you could say that there’s a little owed to bands like Tame Impala in the music of Temples. However, what’s really going on is a wave of similar sounding bands all being lauded by NME at the same time. It just so happens that Temples are easily the most enjoyable.

Standout Song: Despite having significantly fewer plays on SoundCloud than the rest of their tracks, for me Ankh is the standout track here. The bass line really drives this song, wonderfully plucky and subtly brilliant. Ankh is a perfect example of what I mentioned earlier about harnessing all the wonder and beauty of psychedelic influences but still maintaining the hip thrusting sexiness of rock and roll.

Signed To: Heavenly Records.

A Little More: With a number of impressive support slots, some festival appearances and an episode of Jools Holland under their belt, this month Temples head out on their first headline UK tour. Soon after they’re off to Europe, North America and then Japan. With such a packed schedule of live shows and a second single released just a few months ago, you can expect to see and hear more from Temples in next year or so.

When can you catch them at Sŵn?: Sunday!

Head to Sŵn’s homepage to find a full line up and information on the festival, you could also check Sŵn out on Twitter (@swnfestival) or Facebook for more.

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