New Music: black midi – Talking Heads

Let's be honest, black midi sound mental. Never have a band been so intent on finding a brilliant melody, then layering over it with guitar, effects and screeching, bonkers lyrics. But somehow it works, twisted into an anarchic, post-punk soundtrack for the internet age that will wriggle into your ear and stay there for an [...]


New Music: Gallery Circus – 255

A lot of the words for this site are written in the late hours of the night, after a long work shift with a pretty clouded and confused mind trying to explain as concisely as possible why a particularly obscure band or artist is worth a longer listen. Gallery Circus, rather wonderfully formed of north [...]

Live review: Bear’s Den at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 23/04/2019

Quiet but loud, seared with heartache but soaring with joy; west-London's Bear's Den thrive in the contrasts, the way they tackle sorrow with lilting positivity. Returning to their old neighbourhood for a two-date run at Shepherd's Bush Empire, it's clear Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones have plenty on their mind as they plough quickly through [...]