New Music: Little Kid – Transfiguration Highway

Quite aptly, the latest release release from Little Kid sounds ancient. Right from album opener 'I thought You'd Been Raptured,' which creaks and groans with wistfulness, the record is simple enough musically but the lyricism tackles some pretty heavy subject matter with strong religious imagery. With Kenny Bootheby leading the way and supported by Megan [...]

New Music: Barley Passable – All I Have

It's been a tough week at OTB Towers, as it has surely been for everyone else too. That little grey area we currently exist in, where lockdown both is and isn't a thing, where we can and csn't do everything we want, that creeping sense of doubt that seeps into other parts of your being [...]

New Music: Mella – Family Fun

On the face of it a jaunty synth-pop number, Peckham-based Mellah's new track 'Family Fun' is darkly subversive and brilliantly constructive. Mellah, aka Liam Ramsden, has been doing this a while now but with each track he gets more daring, more bizarre and more accomplished. He's clearly unhinged, but it's opened the door to brilliance. [...]

New Music: Stables – Marathon

Running a marathon is incredibly draining and difficult and time-consuming. Listening to the latest Stables release is not. The alt-folk duo, comprised of Keston Cobblers Club bandleader Matthew Lowe and friend Daniel Trenholme, return with a gentle but whip-smart homage to a London institution. With the famous race the latest casualty of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, [...]